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Pen and Folder

English 197, Winter 2014 -- Student Work Posted Online

This branch of the course web side is a repository for assignments that must be posed online.

4-Page Essays (folder for posted essays)

Due Feb. 3. Must be posted by evening on the course site in preparation for class discussion of topics and issues in student papers the next day. For details, see Assignments.


(Counts for 25% of final grade)


Practicums (individual folders for postings of each practicum)

Due in classes 11-18. The first 4 practicums for classes 11-14 are required; students can then choose to do any 2 of the remaining practicums for classes 15-18. Must be posted before the relevant class in the appropriate folder for each practicum. (For details on each practicum, see Assignments.)

Course "practicums" are hands-on, small-scale exercises that ask students to experiment at a beginner's level with the tools of the digital humanities. The goal is not technical mastery but learning enough about the technologies to think about, and through, their concepts.  In many cases, experience gained in the practicums will feed directly into discussion of conceptual issues in class.


(Practicums are not graded, but are required to pass the course) 


Individual folders in which to post practicum exercises:


Mock Project Proposals (folder for posted proposals)

Due in last week of course. Must be posted before each student's scheduled presentation of their proposal. (For assignment details, see Assignments.)


(Counts for 25% of final grade)

[8-Page Essays -- not posted online]

Due March 15. The 8-page essay is not posted on the course site.  Must be uploaded by midnight on Mar. 15th to the instructor's DROPitTOme box at www.dropitto.me/ayliu (using upload password to be given you by the instructor).  Preferred file format: PDF file (less preferable: Doc or Docx file) (For assignment details, see Assignments.)


(Counts for 50% of final grade)




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